I’ve returned to the coding side of the Starfall project. After 2 years on the back burner, I have come back fresh with a lot of new perspectives and ideas.  A number of bug fixes and improvements are included.  Most notably the combat and development forms give a much better and detailed view of the action. Also, by demand at long last, I’ve built a fleet calculator into the manual ordering form. Another improvement is the Waypoint Combine option at a hex removed from your current position.  Now you are able to combine with a specific fleet in a stack of fleets, instead of just arriving and combining all the fleets that might happen to be there upon your arrival.  It should work intuitively, although it’s a little tricky to explain with words, and harder still to implement in code,  I’m pleased with that improvement.

This release is close to a major version upgrade, however there are still a couple areas I hope to address yet for that. I’ve kept the version number in the 1.xx range, with those improvements still in mind.

BC 2/21/15

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